Butuan City

Our great Caraga Adventure began in one of the most historic cities in the country. From Mactan Island in Cebu, the team flew to the city of Butuan for the first leg of the tour. For this stop, we checked out the Balanghai Hotel Museum, the Butuan National Museum, and the Balangay Shrine.

Name: Butuan City
Location: Butuan City
Region: XIII – Caraga

Welcome to CARAGA!

The lobby of the Balanghai Hotel doubles as a museum.

Butuan City’s National Museum is looking modern and sleek.

The museum is manned by experts in the region’s history and culture.

Remnants of some of the first boats unearthed in Butuan.

Various ornaments found during these digs.


Burial trunks on display at the museum.

Skulls found in one of the dig sites.

Butuanon culture on display: a traditional boat (left) and a wine maker (right)


The head of Lolong – the biggest crocodile in captivity – before it gets shipped to Manila.

Dropping by the market to sample the city’s best treats.

The Balangay Shrine in Libertad is one of the most popular dig sites in Butuan.

Artifacts found in the area.

The tour guide points to the exact spot were the artifacts were found.

After a whole day of cultural and historical excursion, we enjoyed a very hearty dinner and a sampling of laksoy or nipa wine.


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