Sibadan Fish Cages

One popular destination in Hinatuan is the Sibadan Fish Cages in Port Lamon. The Sibadan Fish Cages is only a few minutes away from the Enchanted River. Situated a few hundred meters off the coast of Hinatuan, this ‘floating restaurant’ is a must-visit if you are in the area.

Name: Sibadan Fish Cages
Location: Port Lamon, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Region: XIII – Caraga

Boats taking guests to Sibadan via the Hinatuan River.

Along the way, we saw this beautiful fishing village.

Around ten minutes later, we reached the Sibadan Fish Cages.

Sibadan is actually a restaurant and a hotel.

They have several fish cages that ‘hold’ various types of fish that you can pick and eat.

Right in the middle of the property is a huge fish cage which holds some of the most interesting species that they have.

Look closely. It’s actually a shark.

Feeding time

A type of crab that we had prepared for lunch.

Fish tinola. This is one of their specialties here.

The owners are very particular when it comes to cleanliness. They’ve come up with a pretty interesting use for this bottle.

You may even swim with the sharks and stingrays here.

Leaving Sibadan for the Enchanted River. See you again soon, Sibadan!

Our very skilled ‘driver’ making sure we get to our destination safe and in one piece.



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