Hi, I’m Leylander. You can also call me Ley. I like to take photographs but I don’t consider myself a photographer. I am more comfortable with “point-and-shooter.” I’ve been blogging since 2005. I have this really weird relationship with food. I’m willing to do weird things for them. And they willingly let me do these weird things. A vicious cycle. I specially love Naruto noodles and mango crepes and puto kutsina and banana split and everything Jollibee. I can be cool and social in public but I really consider myself socially awkward. I love long motorbike rides. I am the king of sea-sickness. Which is strange because I love to travel. I love freebies. Especially coming from people who are sincere about the whole giving thing. I am a huge Amy Winehouse fan. RIP, babe. You are forever remembered. I am a true-blue Cebuano. People often ask me “Why this passion? Why blog about Cebu?” I just ask back, “Why not?”